North-Savo ja North-Karjala
The first book has been sold out.

The completed version of the North-Savo book was published in 2007 (544 pages). The price of the book is 35 € excl. mailing costs, it can be ordered from:
Hannu Heikkinen


The History of the Heikkinen family in Kainuu (part I) was published in 1999. The book called Kainuun Heikkiset (only in Finnish) contains plenty of the historical information (since 1550), family tales, stories, jokes, some photography and plenty of other family information. The book has 830 pages, the size 18x25 cm (hard cover).
The third edition is available. The price is 40 € excl. mailing costs, it can be ordered from:

Eeva Heikkinen
Kaartotie 1
89400 Hyrynsalmi

Kainuun Heikkiset II was published in 2006 and the latest edition in 2012 . The price is 60 € and it can be ordered as mentioned above.


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